Cradle of Human Culture

Cradle of Human Culture

The Cradle of Human Culture launched on 11 April 2019 at WTM Africa. Comprising of two routes along the coast namely The Artists Journey and Coastal Journey including a number of cultural, archaeological and paleontological experiences across the Western Cape.

The Western Cape Government and Wesgro appreciates your partnership and ongoing support on this initiative.

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The Cradle of Human Culture


Africa is the continent that gave birth to humankind. Some of the oldest human fossil bones were discovered in Gauteng province, South Africa, in an area north of Johannesburg now called the Cradle of Humankind. While the dawn of biological humankind began in the limestone caves of northern Gauteng, our human story continued and developed more south, in the Western Cape Province. It is here that we have some of the first evidence of humans starting to explore their potential for social, behavioural and cultural innovation. Archaeological evidence shows that this was one of the first places where our ancestors worked with fire to create better tools, where we started regularly eating seafood that may have allowed our brains to develop, and where we started to express ourselves creatively and express spirituality.

This is where our modern-day culture began and where our ancestors started shaping our future through their behaviours.

This is the Cradle of Human Culture, and it is not just a place or even a destination, but a journey of self-discovery.

The Cradle of Human Culture is rooted in three main archaeological sites in the Western Cape. Diepkloof Rock Shelter, Blombos Cave and Pinnacle Point.

The Cradle of Human Culture comprises of two routes The Artist’s Journey along the Cape West Coast (Weskus) and The Coastal Journey along the Southernmost Cape Coast.



Please feel free to contact the following individuals if additional information is needed:

Wesgro                                                                   Department of Cultural Affairs & Sport

Lana Carls                                                               Mariagrazia Galimberti

Tel: 021 487 8600                                                   Tel: 021 483 7069

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