Khwa ttu

Michael Daiber studied anthropology at the University of Stellenbosch in the 80’s, he has worked with San communities for 23 years. His assignments most often involved in fulfilling the challenge of finding a harmonious balance between the dynamic and challenging community needs while achieving the goals of an emerging tourism game farms. His work involved assisting and supporting the community to develop various cultural activities including guided walks, cultural performances to generate income, while maintaining a high a standard of hospitality service.

Michael experienced that due to a lack of education and skills, tourism often has an overwhelming negative impact on rural San communities. His sincere involvement did not only equip community members with personal tools suitable for the ever-growing tourism industry in Southern Africa but also provides essential insights. Young San develop a broad knowledge base of their own identity which equips them with an ability to promote their own culture with pride, dignity and self-respect and to counter act the romantic and stereotypical myth of the San.

Michael has been involved since 1999 at the inception of !Khwa ttu San Culture and Education Centre. This is a destination on the West Coast, 70 km from Cape Town, more than great view, guided culture tours, stylish home cooked food, exciting projects and entrance to the fascinating world of the First People, the San.

As a safe travel destination and training centre, !Khwa ttu combines adventure, relaxation and education to leave a lasting impressing and a new understanding of the phrase “San Spirit Shared”. At !Khwa ttu we share with our visitors authentic interactions, inspiring San guided tours, good food, compelling art and photography exhibitions, and professional friendly hospitality. We offer our San students a safe learning environment and share with them appropriately designed training in sustainable tourism, culture, heritage, nature and general life skills, in order to support them in becoming San ambassadors and following their chosen career path.

Responsible tourism becomes a way of life where staff become meaningfully involved in tourism to perceive its benefits, once involved they engage with passion they become a team and a natural shareholder. At this level the organization reaps the benefits of sales, cost of sales and above all good service. An organization with strong responsible values can create jobs, stimulate entrepreneurship, care for the environment and boost local economic growth. Responsible tourism is essential for survival.

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