Jeremy’s passion for life is evident in everything he tackles. His passion for sustainable living and for people combines well in the industry we have organically grown to be in. Having grown up with a mother who was involved with the grow campaign in Soweto and who use to grow food on her pavement so that passers by could pick, he has soil, food and people in his blood. Broadening peoples’ knowledge of sustainable living is part of his life. Having grown up on a farm this life comes naturally to Riëtte, and as the youngest of nine children, the love for people is second nature.

We are successfully using composting toilets and compost heaps to heat water for showers, bath and washing. In most of our accommodation we make use of solar and gas, and working towards a completely off the grid situation. We try and make people aware of recycling on a scale that they can handle, as even the smallest form of recycling can be quite overwhelming for some.

We share our time and knowledge with the community we live in and with visitors to our farm. Guests are taken on tours to see the working systems and made aware of the benefits of living a sustainable life. For some it can be quite a mind shift. Our approach to sustainability has become the attraction to people – whether they want to tick the boxes or change their way of life. People come to see what we do and how we do it and we are happy to share. Living what we love and sharing what we have is our way of ensuring that we are in a healthy community.

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