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The preferred wine route through the region usually begins in the mountains near Paleisheuwel in the south, and continues northwards through Klawer, Vredendal, Lutzville and Doringbaai to Lambertsbaai. The route is well marked and easy to follow and most wineries have wine tasting facilities.

Crowds are for New Year, not wine tasting. On the West Coast Wine Route, expect an intimate and fulfilling experience like no other – from charming, family-run farms in unique locations, to some of South Africa’s most famous mega-wineries.

The Olifants River Valley has ideal growing conditions to produce distinctive wines: fertile soil, a relatively mild climate, a low rainfall and cool sea breezes that slow down ripening in the summer months and produce outstanding grapes.

Quality is a hallmark of the wine, a fact increasingly being recognised by expert assessments, both locally and overseas. West Coast wines regularly feature as medal winners, enjoying consistent high-level ratings in authoritative publications. On the wine route you’ll be able to appreciate just where these champion wines are made and even purchase most of them right at the cellar door.

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