Ocean View House

I always enjoyed the Hospitality Industry and from when I was a teenager I helped working in my uncles Restaurants, and earned extra pocket money, waitressing in Cafs and at weddings.

After studying Hotel management at Cape Technikon in Granger Bay I went on to work for Protea Hotels and since 2005 I am managing Ocean View House, which is my family’s business since 1995.

In 2012 we starting emphasising even more so on environmental issues at Ocean View House and what seemed such a daunting project, turned out to be a very rewarding project with great results. I am always looking to try and explore new things , if you don’t try you won’t know.

I am born in Germany and spend the past 20 years in SA. I love the outdoors and road running. Together with my husband Lambert and our two kids we Live in Cape Town.

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