Off the Beaten Track Camping Adventures!

The past three years have had a profound impact on the way we view life. Health, happiness, and positivity are becoming extremely important again as we move forward into 2023. One way attaining these goals is to get outdoors and reconnect with ourselves, our families, and experience new places and things.

Luckily for South Africans, we have so many little gems right in our backyard to explore.

Here are four unique, quirky, and adventurous holiday ideas which combine the great outdoors with an appreciation for nature and a sense of adventure in the best part of Weskus.

Stay in the Mountains

Beaverlac – A Natural Heritage Site

Off the beaten track and partially off the grid, Beaverlac is a perfect getaway and if you’ve got small children, few things could be more exciting than sleeping in the mountains with the whole family. Located high up in the Olifants River Mountains above Porterville in the Weskus, Beaverlac offers camping to exploit your enjoyment of natural surroundings. Located in a private 5000-hectare valley enclosed by mountains, Beaverlac is fortunate with two rivers.

Enjoy the full experience of nature with their fast expanded campsite. They offer great views,  unlimited exploring and beautiful sunrises and sunsets. The rustic and tranquil campsite surrounded by wild mountains offers meditative peace and quiet and is a balm for the soul. A spectacular mountain pool with waterfall is within a 5-minute walk.

The rivers have channelled their way through rock formations into deep pools and waterfalls. There are several caves on the farm, some of which are decorated with paintings. All rock art is protected by the National Monuments Act and the best means of preservation is restricted access.

If you don’t have a phobia of flora or fauna; trees, plants, birds, wild animals, insects, spiders, snakes, butterflies, moths and tame animals, then this holiday destination is a must for you.

Stargaze in Citrusdal

The Baths Natural Hot Springs

In a remote part of the Citrusdal, located on a farm you will find The Bath Natural Hot Springs town, known for its open skies, great camping sites and natural hot springs.

Due to sparsely populated areas with minimal lights and air pollution, it’s one of the best stargazing camping sites in the area. This spring is an artesian well. Water that gathers in the Koue Bokkeveld mountains sinks down through the sandstone until it reaches a depth where the surrounding earth is extremely hot. Pressure builds up, forcing the water under the Olifants River and up the other side, where it emerges in the Kloof at 43º Celsius.

The main eye with several other eyes delivers 105 000 litres of water per hour. The main eye is now encased in a spring vault. The water is crystal clear and good to drink.

The amenities on the resort include mountain rock pools, spa baths, a tennis court, trampoline, pool table, and kiddies’ playground. The MacGregor’s Restaurant has an a la carte menu and the shop sells all the basics for self-catering. This would be the perfect holiday with the family in summer or winter. Combine this with a family road trip through the Cederberg and you have a holiday with a difference that your family won’t easily forget.

Explore history

Weskus Quarry

Weskus Quarry is situated on private property at Steenbokfontein Farm, approximately 8 km from Lamberts Bay. It offers a variety of caves, middens, and bushman paintings. There are numerous caves, petroglyphs, and archaeological sites in the area. It is ideal for a short getaway to breathe a little. Here you will find the rich history of the early inhabitants of the Weskus and experience one of the most impressive cave sites along the coast.

Come and find your inner peace by walking the labyrinth overlooking the farm, viewing the impressive rock formations, and smelling the fragrance of the beautiful Weskus flowers during spring on Steenbokfontein. The farm offers confined accommodation of three self-catering chalets. These are all original buildings that have been renovated and transformed to chalets with modern-day facilities to allow you maximum enjoyment while you enjoy the look and feel of historical architecture.

Just up the road we also offer a very exceptional farm stay including “Die Weskus Hokkie”, “Die Weskus Grotjie” and the “Weskus Quarry”. These units offer remarkable views from the farm and are the picture-perfect place to escape for a weekend or vacation.

This is your perfect secluded off the beaten track Weskus getaway!

Off the grid.

Papkuilfontein Guest Farm

Immerse the peace and tranquillity of this magnificent farm. Stay in the old, beautifully renovated stone cottages, in your own private Fynbos setting. View the breath-taking valley and its’ 100m waterfall.

The camp offers gorgeous vistas over the Hantamsberg mountains to the east, and the canyon cliffs to the west. It has a huge lapa and braai area, with low raised sandstone seating around it. There is no electricity, there are solar lights in bathroom and lapa. Please take note that the road is not suitable for low caravans. Wifi is only available at reception, 2kms away – so this really is a time to switch off and immerse oneself in the natural rhythm and magical surroundings.

At Papkuilfontein you share in the cultural richness of this precious cultural heritage, as you explore together the artistry of the San who left of this legacy. A circular hiking trail of 12km has been laid out, with the turning point at the waterfall, through lovely sandstone rock formations.

Make this you’re off the grid, off the beaten track holiday or weekend away!

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