Ulrich Donaggi- Speaker at RT Outreach 31 October 2017

Ulrich Donaggi, born and bred #Weskus resident, is a trained accountant who has quit auditing bank statements in favour of counting beans, so to speak.  As co-Founder of the fresh goods and organic community market in Hopefield, The Mill Country Fair, he has married passion for people with passion for the environment.

Founding The Merry Widow Country Retreat Hopefield in 2009 and subsequently The Mill Country Fair Hopefield eighteen months later, he has solved a fresh goods supply dilemma which faced his guest house.  Both entities have evolved into thriving businesses, based firmly on the principles of Responsible- and Sustainable Tourism.

Being an ambassador for the West Coast region and for Better Tourism, he strives to bring  awareness to guests and visitors on how to tread lightly and support community incentives


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