Weskus Flower Report 20 July 2018

We just received word from the weatherman that pleasant weather is predicted for this weekend, just an hours drive from Cape Town, why not make a beeline and head to the #weskus. The region is ready to welcome one and all with a tapestry of color embracing the whole #weskus.

Flower season in the Weskus is at its peak from August to September annually. Seems no one informed Mother Nature that this is the case as we already have a plethora of flowers in the region. White Daisies, Orange Gousblomme, Blue Flaks (Heliophila), Ixia and many more are making their presence felt. So whats stopping you put the pedal to the metal before the petals wilt.

For more information contact the flower hotline 063 724 6203 follow this link to the updated flower report https://bit.ly/2Nxf3hP
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