Weskus Flower report 23 July 2020

Weskus Flower Update

23 July 2020

With the pandemic on the other side, the Weskus flowers are not disappointing! We have seen some changes in the landscape with a kaleidoscope of flowers starting to bloom and show off their welcoming beauty.

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Please do not forget to contact the Weskus Flower Hotline at Cell: 079 593 9864

– West Coast National Park
Elsa Hanekom

T:     +27 (0)22 433 8505
+27 (0)79 593 9864
E:     tourism@wcdm.co.za

Flower Hot Spots

Location of flowers:

Between Lutzville en Strandfontein:
-Pienk vygie bosse

R363 between Klawer en Vredendal
-knoppies opslag
-pienk vygie bosse
-glas oog magrietjies

Klawer Treinspoor
-wit en oranje daisies

Vanrhynsdorp – Lankverwacht – Gifberg/Uirionskraal roete
Glasoog magrietjies (patches)
Vygie bosse (plenty)
Hongerblomme (patches)
Wit surings (patches)
Geel surings (patches)
Hongerblomme (patches)
Sout slaai
Knoppiesopslag -wit
Reksenings – geel
Namakwa mat-vygie

How many flowers:

Please note this is someone’s perception, and not a guarantee.


– 23 July 2020



– 22 July 2020
Clanwilliam Veldblomme Skou

– 22 July 2020
Zandri Stander


  • Lambert’s Bay

Location of flowers:

In and around town and open fields

On the R365 past Muisbosskerm

Steenbokfontein farm

On the R364 towards Clanwilliam

All the way down the R366 to Elandsbay

Up towards Doornbay

Type of flowers:
Orange daisies, sierings

How many flowers:
Patches all throughout the open areas and fields.

Please note this is someone’s perception and not a guarantee.


  • Elands Bay

Location of flowers:

All around town and the mountain

On the R366 towards Redelinghuys

Type of flowers:
Sierings, Namaqua Daisies

How many Flowers:
Patches all throughout the open areas and fields.
Please note this is someone’s perception and not a guarantee.


Tips while viewing flowers

•    The flowers are open between 11:00 and 15:00, the warmest part of the day
•    The sun must be out for flowers to open, thus rainy or overcast days are not ideal
•    The day temperature must be at least 18 degrees
•    Flowers face the sun, thus for viewing and pictures keep your back to the sun
•    Get out of the car and walk around, don’t miss the special smaller species
•    Tread lightly, don’t unnecessarily trample plants, and never pick flowers or bulbs

What to wear when viewing flowers

•    Long pants and insect repellent when walking around in the field
•    Comfortable shoes

Advice to tourists

•    Try to book your accommodation in advance
•    The Weskus Flower Hotline is available from 08:00 to 20:00, 7 days a week
•    Most towns along the flower routes have fuel stations, ATMs and mobile reception
•    The further north, the further apart the towns, keep in mind when planning
•    Stop and ask locals for advice on flower hot spots, distances, etc – they’re friendly
•    Namakwa/Weskus flower maps are available at all tourism information offices

For Updated Weather Reports, you can visit the following websites:
www.yr.no       www.accuweather.com
www.windguru.com      www.fallingrain.com   www.weathersa.co.za

For the full report https://bit.ly/2WPnsEr

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