Weskus Flower Update 27 August 2018

The rain in the #weskus falls mostly on the plain. Persistent showers of blessings have fallen on the #weskus plains for the last couple of days. August rains are just what the ‪#weskusflowers need to prolong our #weskus flower season.

For Updated Weather Reports, you can visit the following websites:
www.yr.no       www.accuweather.com
www.windguru.com      www.fallingrain.com   www.weathersa.co.za

Please do not forget to contact the Weskus Flower Hotline 063 724 6203 or the Namakwaland Flower Line at 072 760 6019 for more information on where the flowers are hiding

Follow the link https://bit.ly/2ogHHt7 to the updated flower report 27 August 2018

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