West Coast Flower Update 28 July 2020

The natural phenomenon of the flower season along the #Weskus in the Western Cape draws thousands of visitors from around the country and from around the world, between August and September each year. Due to weather conditions the wild flowers have been known to bloom early July and late October.

Our flower season is dependant on the rains and other weather factors.

We encourage all visitors to be safe during the Covid-19 pandemic and  to follow the regulations when visiting the West Coast. 

Visit our website at 
www.weskustourism.org and follow our social media handles.

Please do not forget to contact the 
Weskus Flower Hotline at Cell: 079 593 9864. 

Full report: https://mailchi.mp/ad04d71cbd29/west-coast-flower-report-28-july-2020

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